Prestige Protection Film offers a broad spectrum of paint correction and paint defect removal services. We can take care of everything from minor swirls and wash marring to a complete vehicle paint restoration. Paint Correction is an art so removing everything from light marring and fine scratches to heavy paint damage should only be performed by a highly trained professional.

The types of paint we specialize in:

  • Single stage paint
  • Multi stage paint
  • Lacquer and acrylic
  • Urethane Paints
  • Clear coat paint (hard, medium and soft)
  • Custom finishesv
  • Matte and satin

What types of paint damage can be removed?

  • Light to medium scratches
  • Micro marring and hazing
  • Above surface damage
  • Etching and paint blemishes
  • Water spot and hard water removal
  • Oxidation
  • Faded paint
  • Dry paint
  • Swirls and hologram
  • Heavy and deep scratches

What types of paint correction do we specialize in?

  • Paint claying and decontamination
  • Paint compounding
  • Paint polishing
  • Ultra fine paint polishing

Single Stage Paint Correction

A single stage correction utilizes one stage of machine polishing There are many different conditions that determine just how much paint correction is achievable in a one step process, and we approach each vehicle and paint type to provide maximum results and expectations. There is no “magic polish” that works for every paint type and we are highly skilled in designing the most effective process to achieve the desired results. Once paintwork is corrected we apply a revolutionary Nano-glass coating to all surfaces to provide long-term protection that last years!

Price starting at $199
(Paint correction is required for any Paint Protection Coating application)

Multi Stage Paint Correction

A Multi-stage paint correction will dramatically improving the paint finish by removing 90 – 95% of paint swirls, moderate scratches and defects. This process starts with a heavy cut compound stage to remove the heavy defects, and then followed by an additional polishing stage that increases gloss and clarity utilizing various finishing polishes. Paint types, condition, and vehicle size dictate the rate for this type of correction. To ensure accurate pricing must inspect vehicle.

Price starting at $599
(Paint correction is required for any Paint Protection Coating application)