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our team of highly trained specialist strive to achieve our goal of providing industry leading film and coating installations.

Client Experience

We offer quality work, but we value our customers more. That's why staffs strive to provide a state of art work along with an exceptional customer service experience.


We use only the best products to ensure the best results. We trust the products we use. That why we provide a special ownership warranty (Please ask our specailist for more info) on the product we use. All warranty work and touch ups are done at our expense and at your convenience.


Our team have passion for cars and we treat every vehicle that comes through the door as it was one of our own. We also take pride in our work by paying extra attention to details to ensure the perfect installation.

What is Paint Protection Coating?

Nano paint protection is a special nano technology product that provides a long-term effect on painted surfaces, including plastic trim, glass, wheels and more. This product is not just a sealer that forms a barrier on the surface. It is, rather, a modification of surface chemistry on a molecular level that provides a permanent, easy-to-clean, protected surface. Not just a coating, this product bonds with the surface and does not wash off. The active ceramic resin binds with complex polymers to provide a thickness and hardness unachievable until now.

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Our Services

What we offer to protect and customize your vehicle

Paint Protection Coatings

We offer permanent paint protection and an extreme, permanent gloss which protects your car from light scratches, UV rays and corrosion. Using a cutting edge technology known as nano-ceramics that delivers protection that is suitable for many materials including paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film will make your vehicle look newer and enhance the resale value in the future. The material we use is non-yellowing, extremely durable, stain/scratch resistant and it's maintenance free. All patterns are digitally designed and cut to ensure perfect fitment.

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Paint Correction

Restore your vehicle back to showroom condition with our paint correction services. Safely remove surface scratches and swirl marks from all painted surfaces, including clear coat finishes.

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Custom Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap is the best way to personalize your vehicle, not only it protects the paint underneath, it also saves you the time and money to repaint your vehicle. There are over 73 finishes available at your choice and can be easily removed.

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